Adapt quickly to online gambling preferences with Talon.One.

The evolution of the Web to more engaging, user-driven, and social experiences is making the gambling industry even more challenging.

Talon.One helps providers of online bettings to adapt quickly to customer preferences and to push promotions in real time.

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Build promotions that suit your online gambling, wagering, and casino service

Build individual workflows

Build individual event and result combinations, like "Place 3 bets in category ‘soccer’ within 10 minutes and get 10% of the amount back.

Integrate one-time via API

Integrate odds, events, and other attributes to ensure real-time data via one-time integration with the help of our Integration Managers.

Reliable fraud prevention

Recognize fraudsters by only a few characteristics. Instant alerts about misuse and fraudster blacklisting provide additional security.

Redundant server structure

Hundreds of bets per second need a stable system that never lets you down. Our services run on scalable cloud infrastructure with high redundancy in multiple geographic regions.

Bet in another category.

10€ credit with a valid coupon code for bets in category tennis and customers who lost at least 10 bets in category soccer.

Entered coupon code is valid
& bet(s)
& bet(s)
Set a of

Reward heavy user.

Customers get a 20% discount on their 5th bet when placing 5 bets in the category Darts within 30 minutes.

& bet(s)
Set a of
Discount tied to

Welcome credit.

10€ welcome credit if new customers deposit 100€ to customer account. The 10€ can not be paid out, they are gaming budget. The 100€ are locked for 3 months.

Customer segment is
Deposit payment &
Set a of
Deposit time lock is
Deposit locked to customer account

Refer a friend and bet together.

Refer-a-friend and both get a 10€ cashback if advocate and friend win their next bet. Both bets have to be above 10€.

Customer segment is
Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
All of friends and advocates first betting sessions are
All of friends and advocates first betting sessions are
Betting amount is &
Betting amount is &
Set a of
Set a of

Powered by the Talon.One Rule Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral campaign scenarios - all running on a single platform.

Rule Engine

Real-time custom data integration

Integrate any data from nearly any source to the Talon.One platform and use it for your individual promotional campaigns. Whether you have a shop, CRM, database or any custom-built business system, use your data to build promotional rules and deliver valuable incentives to your customers.

Workflow automation

Fully automate processes in our rule builder depending on how customers interact with your company. Easily configure powerful workflows based on data from your business and customers. Whether you want to refine your target audience, validate usage, or trigger effects, streamline your promotional marketing campaigns using Talon.One.

Analysis & optimization

Deploy campaigns in real-time and learn from customer data and usage. Optimize the performance based on live data and prevent fraud by introducing alerts and logical checks. Execute and manage the most advanced and successful promotional campaigns.

Customize your integration to meet gambling, wagering, and casino needs

Very specialized marketers require a very flexible solution to react fast to the changing promotion of their competitors.

Learn how to include coupon, discount, loyalty and credit rewards for different wallets in key moments (e.g. winning bet, successful withdrawal) of your customer’s journey.

Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Casino details


Payment details

Customer details

Gambling information

Device info

Gambling, wagering, and casino success story

"Talon.One is exactly the incentive solution we've been looking for, because it gives us the flexibility to adapt to the special needs of our customers!"

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