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We're covering various industries ranging from travel, e-marketplace, gambling, on-demand, e-commerce and telecommunication to software vendors. Let us help you set up a strategy to start incentivizing customers.


Internal solutions offer very basic functionality for most companies in the travel industry. But, a granular campaign management process and advanced customer validation are essential for a successful promotional campaign.

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Travel by plane, bus or train

Online marketplace

Online marketplaces continue to be an extremely competitive environment: Marketing budgets are increasing in this industry with a historically low margin product.

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Online shops

Online gambling, wagering, and casinos

The evolution of more engaging, user-driven, and social experiences is making the betting industry even more challenging. Providers of online bettings have to adapt quickly to the preferences of every customer.

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Casino, socces and other gambling


No matter the industry, any on-demand platform has to use flexible promotions to revolutionize consumer behavior in fast-growing markets.

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On-Demand goods


Most e-commerce stores compete with others that sell the same products. Retailers face increasing customer acquisition costs, dwindling retention rates, and high promotional costs.

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Telecommunication services

Telecommunication companies have special product sets, like data volume, airtime, SMS, etc., and need rewards specific to their industry.

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Telecommunication services

Software vendors

If software vendors want to provide a sophisticated promotional extension within their software environment, the question is: build or buy?

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