The flexible Promotional Engine for every industry.

All businesses can benefit from our comprehensive API-based Promotion Solution. Talon.One supports the needs of various industries ranging from travel, e-marketplace, gambling, on-demand, ecommerce and telecommunication to software vendors.


Increase bookings through targeted promotions, sophisticated campaign management, and real-time rule validation, essential criteria for successful promotions in the travel industry.

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Travel by plane, bus or train

Online marketplace

Deliver engaging customer experiences in your E-marketplace to increase revenue and gain the competitive edge in an industry with a typically low product margin.

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Online shops


Increase user activity with powerful incentives using real-time and targeted promotions in the competitive landscape of the online gambling industry.

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Casino, socces and other gambling


On-demand platforms in every industry require full flexibility when delivering promotions to capitalize on customer behavior in fast-growing markets.

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On-Demand goods


Solve your online business's digital marketing challenges like high CACs and poor retention rates by sending the right promotions at the right time to the right customer.

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Telecommunication services

Every type of reward and workflow you need to deliver the unique products offered by companies in the telco industry.

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Telecommunication services

Software vendors

Software vendors looking to provide an in-app Promotion Engine instead of wasting resources on building an internal solution can seamlessly integrate with Talon.One API.

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