We help marketplaces ramp up offerings with a flexible Promotion Engine.

Online marketplaces continue to be an extremely competitive environment. Marketing budgets are increasing with a historically low margin product.

The Talon.One Promotion Engine helps e-marketplaces enable customer specific pricing and run fully customized promotion logics.

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Solve your marketplace challenges with the Promotion API

Create targeted promotions

Combine custom attributes and customer data to build precise promotional campaigns using the Rule Builder .

Track success

Measure the success of your promotional campaigns with detailed dashboards or feed data from the Talon.One API into your BI system.

Partner login

Provide clients access to their company application within Talon.One so that they can create powerful promotions on their own.

Omnichannel capabilities

The Talon.One Promotion Engine is a flexible solution that enables integrations with your mobile app, web app, webshop, and POS system.

Promotional campaign ideas for online marketplaces

Vendors-restricted coupon.

Get 5% off if the coupon code is valid and customers order at least two items from two different vendors.

Entered coupon code is valid
& item(s) &
& vendor ID(s) &
Set a of

Discount in specific business hours.

Customers automatically get 2€ discount when the order value is greater than 20€ and they order on Monday evening.

Total cart value &
Day of the week is
Start time is
End time is
Set a of

11th order for free, shop-restricted.

Get the 11th order for free after ordering 10 times at either shop HappyShirt (Shop ID 11) or SmileyShoes (Shop ID 21) or CleverSocks (Shop ID 32).

& orders
Set a of
Discount tied to

Time-limited word-of-mouth.

Advocates and friends get 10% off if friends order in the first hour after they got referred. Advocates get automatically a unique URL with a discount after friend’s purchase.

Customer segment is
Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
Time count &
Set a of
Set a of
Send to advocate with of

Powered by the Talon.One Promotion Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to solving your specific coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling challenges -
all in one Promotion Engine.

Data integration and API usage

Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built system, integrate data from any source via the API into the Promotion Engine. You can even automate campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Promotion Engine evaluates the campaign criteria defined in your rules, like if a customer makes a purchase or successful referral, then executes effects like sending a discount or rejecting a coupon.


The Promotion Engine will apply any type of custom effect, like adding loyalty points to a customer profile or a discount to the shopping cart value. Implement webhooks to trigger external effects like sending a coupon code from your email provider.

Analytics and optimization

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time. Track customer behaviour and event logs to build insights and take action. Our Promotion Engine performs logical checks and sends automatic alerts when fraudulent activity is detected.

Customize the Promotion API to your marketplace needs

We help marketplaces to run fully customized promotional campaigns with all variations of coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, or product bundling capabilities.

Integrate your marketplace- and company-specific attributes only once and include specific customer segments into the Talon.One Promotion Engine.

Marketplace Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Customer details

Product information

Delivery details

Retail location

Payment information

Device info

Marketplace industry success story

"Talon.One gives us the perfect tool to incentivize our customers and partners to succeed with us!"

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