Shifting buyers' habits in the on-demand industry.

The on-demand economy is built on top of a technology infrastructure that brings the online and offline world together. No matter the vertical, any platform has to shift customer preferences from offline to online.

Talon.One helps businesses to use flexible promotions to revolutionize consumer behavior in fast-growing markets.

Build promotions that suit your on-demand service

Create targeted rules

Include auto-created personalized coupons into your process, with limitations based on time, customer segment, and more.

Reliable fraud prevention

Recognize fraudsters by only a few characteristics. Instant misuse alerts and fraudster blacklisting provide you security.

Solve support cases

Enable your agents to push predefined discounts and other rewards via email coupons or pop-ups with one click.

Track success

Push predefined discounts with one click via email or pop-up to prospects and track your sales or service success with an agent tag.

Personalized coupons (triggered via CRM).

Get a 10% personalized discount with a valid coupon code, which is triggered with one click from your CRM via email. Coupon has a 12 hours redemption limit after the coupon is triggered.

Entered coupon code is valid
Coupon is tied to
Time count is &
Set a of
Send email via CRM

Location-based synergy effects.

10% discount if customer orders from delivery location A to shipping address B (plus radius) and there is already an existing order from location A to address radius B.

Session shipping address radius
Pick-up address
Set a of

Reward frequent users with loyalty points.

Cab case: Get 5 loyalty points for a new account registration. Collect 10 loyalty points for every driven kilometer with a cab. Cab has to be reserved via the App. Redeem 100 loyalty points for a ride up to 2 kilometers.

Customer segment is
Customer segment is
Loyalty point redemption is & loyalty points
Account registration
Ordered with reservation
Order platform
Set of
For set of
Set a of
Discount restricted to

Refer a paying subscriber.

Friend and advocate get 10% off - lasting for as long as both parties are paying subscribers.

Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
Customer segment is
Customer segment is
active subscriber
active subscriber
Set a of
Set a of

Powered by the Talon.One Rule Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral campaign scenarios - all running on a single platform.

Rule Engine

Real-time custom data integration

Integrate any data from nearly any source to the Talon.One platform and use it for your individual promotional campaigns. Whether you have a shop, CRM, database or any custom-built business system, use your data to build promotional rules and deliver valuable incentives to your customers.

Workflow automation

Fully automate processes in our rule builder depending on how customers interact with your company. Easily configure powerful workflows based on data from your business and customers. Whether you want to refine your target audience, validate usage, or trigger effects, streamline your promotional marketing campaigns using Talon.One.

Analysis & optimization

Deploy campaigns in real-time and learn from customer data and usage. Optimize the performance based on live data and prevent fraud by introducing alerts and logical checks. Execute and manage the most advanced and successful promotional campaigns.

Customize your integration to meet on-demand needs

We are experiencing a revolution enabled by new technologies and shifting consumer habits, spurring the On-Demand Economy.

Learn how to include auto-created, time- and account/user-limited, and/or personalized coupons into your sales process.

Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Home services


Transportation details

Customer details

Payment details

Device info

On-demand success story

"Talon.One helps us to shift customers from ordering offline to online by incentivizing them in a super efficient way."

Sales revenue
Promotional spend
Rule engine

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