Scale your promotional marketing. Without limits.

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Reduce promotional spend

Leveraging custom data in rules prevents you from spending promotional budget ineffectively.

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Reduce development effort

Save time and money with a simple one-time integration. Concentrate on the core business.

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Maximize sales revenue

Achieve better results by using custom data and deliver the right incentive to every customer.

Talon.One product technology

Powerful API

Exchange custom attributes via the API and access a suite of promotions on a single platform.

Flexible Rule Engine

Harness custom data to build promotions that are perfectly timed and triggered with an advanced rules engine.

Easy to use campaign manager

Create, test, deploy, and measure coupons, discounts, loyalty programs and referral campaigns in one place.

In-depth analytics

Get real-time data and customized reports to move the needle on conversion optimization and business growth.

Reliable fraud prevention

Send key customer activity data via the API - with more data we can effectively validate rules and customers.

Integrate with any 3rd party API

Sync channels like email, A/B testing, weather, customer support and dynamically exchange data.

Every integration will send data about customers and their activities to the Talon.One Rule Engine so that your campaign rules can trigger discounts, special offers, coupon codes and so on.

Integration schema

1. Data integration

Integrate data in Talon.One like customer profiles, customer sessions, and custom event.

2. API notification

Our API will be notified of various customer actions and directs events into the Rule Engine.

3. Rule execution

Our engine reacts to events by checking rule conditions and executing effects that matched.

A holistic tool. For every application. In every environment.

Talon.One was developed for scaling applications and their development teams.
Our software is flexible enough to support applications in almost every language.

Programming Languages

Prioritize promotional campaigns

Refine your campaign management and customize the steps of your campaign workflow with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

  1. 1 Merge recurring universal campaigns so customers receive all applicable effects.
  2. 2 Prioritize exclusive campaigns: Only the first campaign that applies to a customer will take effect
  3. 3 Add stackable campaigns that execute simultaneously if none of your exclusive campaigns apply

Restricted - Only one set will apply

Set: Exclusive campaigns

  • Repeat Buyers
  • Helloween Special

Set: Stackable campaigns

  • Hello World
  • Birthday Campaign
  • Black Friday

Universal - All campaigns will apply

  • Birthday Gift
  • Premium Customers
  • 11th order for free
  • 1st year anniversary

Use custom effects (webhooks)

Customize campaign effects for your individual business cases and define interaction for priority promotions.

  • Trigger custom requests simply by setting event attributes certain values.
  • Define which URL endpoint has to be called and add variables (like coupon code or email address).
  • Add effects when attributes are set, increased or decreased by a specific value.
POST https://newsletter.service/ab242feed23/mailings
  "template": "returning_reward",
  "name": "{{.Profile.Name}}",
  "email": "{{.Profile.Email}}",
  "coupon": "{{.Coupon}}"

Trigger effects to any 3rd party API

Call external APIs within Talon.One and establish which 3rd party services will receive your customer information.

Send promotions via 3rd party providers like email services, customer service platforms, marketing software, etc. just using the rule builder.

many more

Attribute library for fast integration

Choose from over 500 pre-defined attributes to quickly get you setup and working with Talon.One. Simply drag and drop attributes which you want to add to your account.

The selected objects will appear in the rule builder, represented by a draggable condition template.

Check out the attribute library

Available Attributes

Custom Attributes (506)

  • Payment update customerSession.PaymentUpdate <string>

Installed Attribute Library (506)

  • Email customerProfile.Email <string>
  • IP address customerSession.IPAddress <string>

Attribute Library (506)

  • Email customerProfile.Email <string>
  • Session count customerProfile.SessionCount <number>
  • IP address customerSession.IPAddress <string>

Test your API connection

Analyze when specific attributes are received. Easily verify whether your integration is sending the correct data to Talon.One.

  • Verify that Talon.One is receiving your data after changing your integration code or adding a new attribute to an existing Talon.One integration.
  • Verify whether the old event type is no longer being sent after updating the integration code (before deleting it).
  • Verify which attributes are being sent by your integration.

curl -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'Content-Signature_ signer=4; signature=b41d99edad9af68cab5cc42cd9843a16' \
    -d '{
        "advocateId": "13",
        "attributes": {
            "ShippingCity": "Berlin"
    }' ''

API health and log

Analyze the API connection between your business and Talon.One to ensure events and attributes are successfully established and being received on both sides.

Get immediate feedback if your attributes are working. Indicate when data has been received and interactively fire API requests by using auto-generated cURL examples in the Campaign Manager.

Your business

Powered by the Talon.One Rule Engine

One simple integration is the entrance to coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral campaign scenarios - all running on a single platform.

Rule Engine

Real-time custom data integration

Integrate any data from nearly any source to the Talon.One platform and use it for your individual promotional campaigns - no matter if it is a shop, CRM, database or any custom-built business system. Use your data to fuel promotional rules and deliver valuable incentives to your customers.

Workflow automation

Fully automate processes in our rule builder depending on how customer interact with your company. Powerful workflows are easily configured based on data from your business and customers. Whether you want to control your audience, validate usage, or trigger effects, Talon.One streamlines your promotional marketing campaigns.

Analysis & optimization

Control campaigns in real-time and learn from customer data and usage. Optimize the performance based on live data and prevent fraud by alerts and logical checks. Come out with advanced promotional campaigns.


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