Scale your promotional marketing without restrictions

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Reduced promotional spend

Use custom data in sophisticated campaigns to maximize your promotion margin.

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Reduced development effort

After a one-time integration, create promotional campaigns without any code.

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Maximized ROI

Deliver the most precise promotions at the right time to attain all your marketing goals.

Powerful API

Send your data to the Promotion Engine via the API to deploy powerful campaign workflows.Learn more

Flexible Promotion Engine

Customize your promotion rules to execute a variety of effects or rewards once evaluated by the Promotion Engine.Learn more

Easy-to-use Campaign Manager

Use the Campaign Manager interface to create, manage and track campaigns with no development effort.Learn more

Effective 3rd party integrations

Sync 3rd party sources like email, A/B testing, weather, customer support and dynamically exchange data via the API.Learn more

In-depth analytics

Identify actionable insights based on real-time data to optimize conversion rates and increase growth.Learn more

The Talon.One Promotion Engine helps solve the most unique marketing challenges by first processing your data then delivering incentives like the discounts, coupons, product bundles, etc.

Integration schema

1. Data integration

Send data like customer profiles, customer sessions, and custom events via the Integration API.

2. API notification

The API notifies our Promotion Engine of events and various customer actions that should be processed and evaluated.

3. Rule execution

Our Promotion Engine reacts to events by checking rule conditions and executing effects that match.

The first holistic promotional infrastructure

Talon.One was developed to help scaling businesses with their promotional operations. Our dynamic Promotion Engine supports applications in almost every language.

Programming Languages

The powerful API

The Talon.One API channels information like customer profiles, product orders, and any relevant activity into the Promotion Engine.

Implement webhooks

Use the Promotion Engine to automate external effects directly through 3rd party APIs like email services, payment providers, marketing software etc.

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  • Example: When customers spend 500€ they automatically receive a ‘Thanks for shopping with us!‘ email

API health and log

Verify the API connection between your business and Talon.One to ensure events and attributes are being received on both sides.

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  • Easily check your attributes
  • Get immediate response feedback
  • Confirm data has been received

Smart API testing

Quickly test your API integration with simulated customer profiles, customer sessions, and events. Use an automatically created code preview to test API Calls and get direct feedback by seeing results in the API logs.

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  • Verify your data is still received after changing your integration code or adding new attributes
  • Verify old event types are no longer being sent before deleting them
  • Verify which attributes are being sent by your integration

Powered by the Talon.One Promotion Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to solving your specific coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling challenges -
all in one Promotion Engine.

Data integration and API usage

Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built system, integrate data from any source via the API into the Promotion Engine. You can even automate campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Promotion Engine evaluates the campaign criteria defined in your rules, like if a customer makes a purchase or successful referral, then executes effects like sending a discount or rejecting a coupon.


The Promotion Engine will apply any type of custom effect, like adding loyalty points to a customer profile or a discount to the shopping cart value. Implement webhooks to trigger external effects like sending a coupon code from your email provider.

Analytics and optimization

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time. Track customer behaviour and event logs to build insights and take action. Our Promotion Engine performs logical checks and sends automatic alerts when fraudulent activity is detected.

The Campaign Manager

Our campaign management interface empowers clients to efficiently create, manage and track promotions with no development effort.

Campaign priority

Prioritize your promotional campaigns with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to optimize individual campaign performance.

Rule Builder

The easy-to-use interface enables marketers to build promotional campaigns without hijacking development resources.


Enhance your campaign rules with webhooks to trigger external effects via 3rd party APIs like email services, payment providers etc.


Analyze promotion performances and customer activities or feed data through the API into your BI reporting tool.

Attribute management

Select from over 500 pre-defined attributes or configure and effortlessly test new attributes in the developer section.

Rule Builder Webhooks Campaign Analytics Attribute Library Campaign Layering

A Promotion API that supports all promotion requirements

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All your promotions in one system

Learn more about our coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling solutions.

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Adapts to any business

Discover how businesses from every industry use the Talon.One Promotion API.

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For marketers and developers

A powerful promotion platform for marketers, a promotional backend for developers.

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