Integrate Talon.One's promotion engine into your software system.

Software vendors which solve services like CRM, payment, marketing etc. often wrestle with establishing their own promotional solution.

Talon.One enables a seamless integration via the API and gives customers and their clients access to a full suite of coupon, discount, loyalty and referral campaigns.

Let users of your software build their own promotions


Integrate one-time with your systems and your clients can access the full suite of promotions within your system.

Integrate via REST API

Sync data unique to your software and pass on data unique to your customer's business (if the client agrees) via the API.

Use the rule engine

Let users pre-define and trigger targeted, personal promotions with the Talon.One rule engine, seamlessly integrated into your application.

Get in-depth analytics

Provide dashboards to your customers and let them track their promotional campaigns in real-time within your software.

Powered by the Talon.One Rule Engine

One simple integration is the entrance to coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral campaign scenarios - all running on a single platform.

Rule Engine

Real-time custom data integration

Integrate any data from nearly any source to the Talon.One platform and use it for your individual promotional campaigns - no matter if it is a shop, CRM, database or any custom-built business system. Use your data to fuel promotional rules and deliver valuable incentives to your customers.

Workflow automation

Fully automate processes in our rule builder depending on how customer interact with your company. Powerful workflows are easily configured based on data from your business and customers. Whether you want to control your audience, validate usage, or trigger effects, Talon.One streamlines your promotional marketing campaigns.

Analysis & optimization

Control campaigns in real-time and learn from customer data and usage. Optimize the performance based on live data and prevent fraud by alerts and logical checks. Come out with advanced promotional campaigns.

Customize your integration to meet your and your client's needs

Focus on your core product and outsource promotions by integrating the promotional toolkit of Talon.One. Let customers use the Talon.One service seamlessly within your application.

Learn how to integrate the Talon.One rule engine into your system, how to use your client's data and how to involve in-depth analytics into your customer's journey.

Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Shopping attributes

Date & time

Contract details

Customer profiles

Payment details

Device info

Software vendor success story

"We had the choice to build our own promotional tool or outsource to an external provider. The decision was simple, we integrated Talon.One in only 5 days. Talon.One provides exactly the promotional backend we need."

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Rule Engine

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