A Promotion Engine to maximize ROI in telecommunication markets.

The proliferation of companies like Skype or WhatsApp are challenging telcos to generate revenue with their core services. Providers need to keep operating costs low and optimize the average revenue per user.

The Talon.One Promotion API helps telecommunication operators use customer and product data to target prospects with precise promotions.

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A Promotion API that adapts to any telecommunication service

Customized promotional campaigns

Trigger personalized promotions and target the right customer segments to drive engagement.

Build referral programs

Measure the success of your promotional campaigns with detailed dashboards or feed data from the Talon.One API into your BI system.

Support case automations

Empower your support team to automatically create customized rewards like airtime, SMS or data volume discounts with one click in your customer support platform.

Seamless API-based integration

Integrate any type of data like custom product and customer attributes into the Promotion Engine and build complex campaigns without relying on developers.

Telecommunications promotional campaign ideas

Free data volume.

New customers get 10 GB data volume with a valid coupon code until 3 month subscription for free when customers paid the first 3 months with credit card.

Entered coupon code is valid
Session payment method is
Payment session lasts &
Add of to customer account

Student discount on specific tariff.

Students get 1 GB when they order the SmartPeople tariff (SKU 003) with an .edu student email address.

Entered email address is valid
Email address
& item(s)
Add to customer account

Time-based cashback for loyal customers.

50€ cashback if purchasing a prepaid card (SKU 001) with monthly fee above 9.99€ and customer stays exactly 12 months.

& item(s)
Monthly fee &
Subscription session is &
Set a of

Reward advocate and friend individually.

Friend gets 30€ starting balance while advocate gets 20% of the consumed data volume of the friend after 1 month.

Customer segment is
Friend is paying customer since &
Referral link is valid
Set a of
Set a of
Send with of
Credit tied to

Powered by the Talon.One Promotion Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to solving your specific coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling challenges -
all in one Promotion Engine.

Data integration and API usage

Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built system, integrate data from any source via the API into the Promotion Engine. You can even automate campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Promotion Engine evaluates the campaign criteria defined in your rules, like if a customer makes a purchase or successful referral, then executes effects like sending a discount or rejecting a coupon.


The Promotion Engine will apply any type of custom effect, like adding loyalty points to a customer profile or a discount to the shopping cart value. Implement webhooks to trigger external effects like sending a coupon code from your email provider.

Analytics and optimization

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time. Track customer behaviour and event logs to build insights and take action. Our Promotion Engine performs logical checks and sends automatic alerts when fraudulent activity is detected.

Solve unique promotion challenges using one API-based solution

Build meaningful customer relationships and brand loyalty with an effective promotion strategy powered by Talon.One.

Configure rewards using telecommunication-specific attributes such as airtime, SMS and data volume as well as prepaid and/or plan information in your promotional campaigns.

Telco Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Data volume


Contract details

Customer details

Balance information

Device info

Telecommunication industry success story

"Talon.One is exactly what we've been looking for, the Promotion Engine gives us the flexibility to manage the unique customer rewards!"

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