Effective promotions for e-commerce stores to moves at the speed of life.

Most e-commerce companies compete with online retailers offering the same products, therefore increasing customer acquisition costs and a high promotional spend is an outcome.

With Talon.One, e-commerce stores drive incremental sales by offering targeted incentives further down the conversion funnel.

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Build promotions that suit your e-commerce business

All in one

Your promotional backend. Trigger coupon codes, discounts, loyalty points and referral rewards based on data from your application.

Reliable fraud prevention

Recognize fraudsters by only a few characteristics. Instant alerts about misuse will provide additional security.

Build individual workflows

Create and trigger dynamic promotions depending on user behavior and pre-defined rules by using real-time data.

Create targeted rules

Send targeted, relevant promotions that guide people through your buying processs, prevent churn, and increase retention.

Rainbow day coupon.

Get 20% off with a valid coupon code when ordering one product with the color red, one product with color blue and one item with the color yellow.

Entered coupon code is valid
& item(s)
& item(s)
& item(s)
Set a of

Buy 2 pieces and get a discount and a gift.

Automatically add a „Star Trek Shirt - SKU005“ and 5% discount when two items from the category „Toys“ are added to the basket. It can be two times the same item or two different ones.

& item(s)
& item(s)
Set a of
Add item to cart with SKU

Staggered repeat buyer discount.

Get 50€ discount: Get a 10€ discount on 1st purchase, 15€ discount on the 2nd one and 25€ discount on 3rd order.

Customer segment is
Order amount is &
Order amount is &
Set a of
Set a of
Set a of

Benefit from friend’s purchase amount.

Advocates get 20% off purchase value of friends, while friends get 30% discount on their first purchase.

Customer segment is
Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
Set a of
Set a of
Send with of
Discount tied to

Powered by the Talon.One Rule Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral campaign scenarios - all running on a single platform.

Rule Engine

Real-time custom data integration

Integrate any data from nearly any source to the Talon.One platform and use it for your individual promotional campaigns. Whether you have a shop, CRM, database or any custom-built business system, use your data to build promotional rules and deliver valuable incentives to your customers.

Workflow automation

Fully automate processes in our rule builder depending on how customers interact with your company. Easily configure powerful workflows based on data from your business and customers. Whether you want to refine your target audience, validate usage, or trigger effects, streamline your promotional marketing campaigns using Talon.One.

Analysis & optimization

Deploy campaigns in real-time and learn from customer data and usage. Optimize the performance based on live data and prevent fraud by introducing alerts and logical checks. Execute and manage the most advanced and successful promotional campaigns.

Customize your integration to meet e-commerce needs

Focus on effectively and flexibly incentivizing the right customers to buy specific products.

Learn how to create effective promotional campaigns utilizing attributes specific to retail integrations like customer profile, shopping cart, and payment data.

Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Retail location

Delivery details

Order information

Payment details

Customer details

Device info

E-commerce success story

Talon.One helps us to promote products precisely to target customers with perfect timing while protecting us from fraudsters.

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