The loyalty SDK that puts your data into effective loyalty campaigns.

With the API-first loyalty Engine, you can combine company details, customer data and custom events to build effective repeat buyer programs.

Stop wasting your time and money with a basic in-house solution. Start to scale your marketing with an effective and scalable loyalty API.

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"Make 9 purchases and get the 10th for free."

Order 9 times and automatically receive the 10th purchase for free (100% discount) if the order is less than 20€.

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Total cart value is and
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Drive effective repeat buyer programs with the loyalty API

Build effective loyalty campaigns that convert existing customers into repeat buyers by using custom data in your loyalty workflows.

Simply integrate custom data through the API and experience no limitations when creating effective promotional marketing campaigns.

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"Cashback if placing 3 orders above 20€ each and within 21 days."

If customers place their third order above 20€ within 3 weeks, they get a 50% discount.

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Last cart values and
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Personalize of your Loyalty SDK

Customize your loyalty SDK to your marketing goals by integrating business related attributes like customer profiles, company attributes, and custom events into the Rule Engine.

Simply trigger effects to any third party API by using webhooks. Update the loyalty status of customers and add effects when attributes are set, increased/ decreased by a specific value.

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"Collect loyalty points and get discounts."

Receive 250 loyalty points when signing up and subsequently, 1 point for every dollar spent. At 500 points, get a 5% discount coupon, and a 10% coupon for 1000 points.

New customer
Existing customer
Account registration
Successful order
Loyalty score exactly
Loyalty score exactly
Set loyalty point amount to
For amount spent set loyalty point(s)
Create coupon with of
Create coupon with of

Track your loyalty campaigns and ensure reliable fraud prevention

Analyze the impact of your loyalty campaigns with a number of KPIs on the application, campaign, and customer level then monitor these metrics over time.

We help you quickly identify promotional fraudsters using only a few characteristics and send you instant alerts about misuse of loyalty programs.

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Loyalty - Powered By the Promotion Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to a full suite of loyalty campaign scenarios.

Data integration and API usage

Integrate data from both internal and external sources via the API into the Loyalty Engine. Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built systems, use your data to build complex rules that trigger loyalty rewards to your target audience. You can even automate loyalty campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Loyalty Engine carefully validates the rules you have pre-defined. For example, if a customer qualifies for your loyalty campaigns by completing an event in your checkout process like “5th purchase” a loyalty effect gets triggered.

Loyalty Effects

Effects may be applied internally by the Loyalty Engine, such as when updating a customer profile attribute (e.g., add 5 loyalty points), or they may be applied externally, such as adding products to your shopping cart. You can even configure external effects, like pushing an email with a coupon code through your email service.

Analytics and Optimization

Analyze the performance of your loyalty campaigns through real-time data. Customer statistics and event logs help you to track your loyalty usage. Our Loyalty Engine performs logical checks that will detect and alert you of any fraudulent activity.

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